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Mountain Enduro Trails is a network of one-way bicycle trails, so-called singletracks. There are four levels of difficulty of downhill trails in the complex, marked (from the easiest to the most difficult) by colors: green, blue, red and black. A separate category is the uphill path, which is marked in yellow.

The Szyndzielnia massif, due to its proximity to Bielsko-Biała, the gondola railroad and the surrounding peaks (Dębowiec, Cuberniok and Kozia Góra), is an ideal place for cycling. Cyclists wishing to get to Szyndzielnia quickly can take their bicycles out by cable car – all gondolas are equipped with special bike holders.

Currently, there are 15 mountain bicycle trails – downhill, with different levels of difficulty – marked out within Szyndzielnia, Kozia Góra, Debowiec and Cubernioka. The trails are mainly intended for intermediate and advanced cyclists riding on difficult terrain.

Route 9 – GONDOLA (czerwona) – length. 2 km, nach. 12%, slope 240 m. It begins at the Dylówka Pass and ends at the lower station of the Gondola railroad (about 30 minutes from the center of the paths on the Blonie). The route requires considerable skill and great control of the bike. Enduro Trails Gondola – video

Route 10 – DĘBOWIEC (czerwona) – length. 2.2 km, nach. 12.5%, slope 275 m.
It begins at the foot of Cybernioek by the green hiking trail. It ends at the lower station of the chairlift on Debowiec (about 35min from the center of the paths on the Blonie). The route requires considerable skill and a lot of bike control. Enduro Trails Dębowiec – video

Route 11 – DZIABAR (czarna) – length. 1.3 km, nach. 16.1%, drop 210 m. It begins at the upper station of the Szyndzielnia cable car at the so-called legendary Sahara and ends at the Dylówki Pass. The route requires a whole assortment of skills, especially mastery of the bike in steep terrain. Enduro Trails Dziabar – video

Route 12 – ROCK’N’ROLLA – SZYNDZIELNIA – KOZIA GÓRA (niebieska) – length. 11 km, drop of 700 m. It begins at the upper station of the cable car Szyndzielnia by the ZIAD TOWER and ends on Kozia Góra.

Route 13 – SAHAIRA (czerwona) – length. 1.7 km, slope. 11.2%, slope 195 m.
It begins as a branch at the top of the “Rock’n’Roll” route, you can meet a fair number of obstacles here, overcoming them at high speed will allow a lot of flying. Among other things, the route leads through the old Sahara ski slope, from where there is a beautiful panorama of Bielsko-Biala. SAHAIRA ends by joining the initial part of the “Gondola” route..

Route 15 – Gaciok (czerwona) – length. 2.3 km, nach. 6.5%, slope 143 m. A route that allows you to descend from the Klimczok area (start on the flattening below the summit) to the Dziabar route or the upper station of the Gondola (right branch at the bottom). A natural, but not very difficult line (liquefied along its entire length in 2021). It has a couple of tougher options (e.g., 3 hole hops) and one flat section and a short climb at the chalet (for 20sec). Interesting fact: The name of the route is connected with the old name of Szyndzielnia, where highlanders from Brenna used to make beech “shendziolki”, or shingles, and since they were dressed in traditional wool “pants”, the clearing and the whole hill were called “Gaciok” or “Szendzielnia”.”)

Routes from Goat Mountain:
– Stefanka – (865m) / nr 1
– Twister – (4400m) / nr 2
– Stary Zielony – (2200m) / nr 3
– DH+ – (2000m) / nr 4
– Cyganka – (1650m) / nr 5
– Cygan – (2600m) / nr 6
– Daglezjowy – (4600m) / nr 7
– Kamieniołom – (1800m) / nr 8
– Bystry (960m)/ nr 14

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